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Member Spotlight | Trajan Baker

Photograph of Trajan Baker, Hampton University Class of 2024
Trajan Baker, Hampton University Class of 2024

On December 12, 2023, VANOMA hosted Trajan Baker of Hampton University, who discussed his experience in Ghana over the past year while studying abroad. His Spotlight also featured students from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi ‒ Afia Pokuaa, Mirabel Kakraba Sagoe, and Dennis Adarkwa ‒ whom he and other classmates from Hampton University collaborated with on a studio project.

Take a listen to his spotlight below for more.

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Find your passion and stick to it.  Become an influencer within your environment. Build your network to increase your net worth. Your gifts will unite community. Ambition is the key to enduring success. TRAJAN BAKER

Celebrating Trajan Baker

Multidisciplinary artist, Trajan Alexander Baker, is a Hampton University Master of Architecture candidate and leadership studies minor hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An avid love for creativity and community impact is demonstrated through the various leadership and engagement roles he’s committed to at Hampton University and the community abound.  


As an aspiring architect, Trajan’s ultimate mission is to positively influence communities through the built environment. His ability to inspire vision in others is amplified by a unique creative arsenal which includes hand-painting, saxophone/music production, digital graphic design, model-making, and artistic expression through building form.

Trajan has executed several community-driven murals, most recently, The Legacy Mural Project which transformed the Hampton University Student Atrium Space (completed May 2023). In 2022, his Black History Month artwork was featured and sold in Target stores nationwide, igniting and rallying the community with a sense of pride. His commitment to success is reflected in the tenacious work ethic that empowers his continual growth.

I believe that giving back to Hampton University is important because it shows scholars like myself that we are worthy of higher education.  TRAJAN BAKER


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