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Member Spotlight | Mira Abdalla

Photograph of Mira Abdalla of VMDO
Mira Abdalla of VMDO

On September 21, 2023, VANOMA hosted Mira Abdalla, a designer at VMDO as well as an active participant of the AIA Virginia Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) Class of 2023. She received her Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Florida and holds a minor in Sustainability and the Built Environment. Mira has a strong interest in the intersection of psychology and architecture, and designing spaces that improve the health of both people and the planet.

Take a listen to her spotlight below for more.

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Embracing my entire self is a journey that I am still on, but something that has been really empowering and exciting is realizing that embracing your differences and things that make you unique bring more to your work. You bring a different perspective as well as compassion and empathy.  MIRA ABDALLA

Celebrating Mira Abdalla

Mira Abdalla is an Architectural Designer at VMDO Architects and a lifelong learner, interested in the intersection of psychology and other humanities with architecture. She earned her Bachelor of Design in Architecture with a minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment from the University of Florida in 2022. 


Mira discovered architecture during her high school drafting program through ACE and AIAS connections. She has since found great fulfillment in community involvement, participating in VANOMA, AIA Virginia’s Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) Class of 2023, and a Charlottesville-based interfaith social justice organization called IMPACT. In April 2023, she co-founded the American Society for Muslims in Architecture (ASMA) to connect and empower Muslims practicing architecture. As she finds inspiration from embracing her religious and cultural identity as a Muslim Egyptian-American she is determined to encourage other minorities in architecture to do the same.

During my studies at university, I shifted from seeing architecture as what is in front of you visually to that dimension of understanding the impact of how a space feels. My various experiences, both academically and professionally, have taught me that a story isn't just about people. There's also a story of place. Every place has its own story. MIRA ABDALLA


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