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Project Pipeline
Architecture Summer Camp

JULY 8 - 12, 2024

Hosted by VANOMA at Brightpoint Community College

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM  |  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Our annual summer camp empowers young people to affect change in their community through design. By connecting young people to real-world architects and planners, we help foster the next generation of design professionals, civic leaders, and changemakers, while advocating for increased inclusiveness, diversity, fellowship, equity, and excellence in design throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Learn more.

Student Registration for 2024 is now open!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interested in attending this year's Project Pipeline summer camp?

Contact us at and we will notify you when student registration is available.


More About the Program

VANOMA's Project Pipeline summer camp provides rising  8th-12th grade students of color with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of architecture and design. Students that participate in the camps work closely with architects and designers to create the designs they would like to see in their communities. Not only do students create designs, but they are also connected with mentors in the architecture field to help guide their interests. For many students, Project Pipeline is their first introduction to the design world. 

This year, the VANOMA Project Pipeline summer camp will be in person at Brightpoint Community College in Chester, Virginia. More detailed information about the camp is coming soon!

More About the Program
2023-07-17 11.24.40.jpg

How We Impact

We guide students through all stages of design using provoking and fun exercises. Students investigate through drawing and model building, analyze through diagramming and research, and engage through interviews and site visits. By the program’s conclusion, students present a fully realized project that addresses an issue in their city. Project Pipeline serves a diverse population of students, all of whom are underrepresented in the design field. Our program better prepares students for college and life beyond. Through Project Pipeline, young people grasp the significance of architecture in their daily lives, as well as the broader cultural, social, and historical implications. They develop skills and tools to contribute to their community critically and constructively. Nationally, Project Pipeline has served more than 10,000 students over the last decade. 

Check out the NOMA national website for even more information.

Interested in next year's Project Pipeline summer camp?

Contact us at

I want to thank you and all the Mentors of Project Pipeline. I have the opportunity to be home this week and I heard most of the interaction and it was very professional and productive for my daughter. She was very enthusiastic about the program and she told me, “Mom I’m going to do a  renovation for our home and it’s going to be fun."


I would like to thank you for allowing my son Jonathan to participate in your Project Pipeline. He thoroughly enjoyed it and even though I am in the industry it was good for him to be exposed to the profession outside of my vantage point. Keep up the good work!


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