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NOMAS Spotlight

VANOMA kicked off its NOMAS Spotlight on December 16, 2021 to wrap up 2021 and put the focus on the next generation. The NOMAS spotlight gives students from each architecture program in the Commonwealth of Virginia a chance to display their work. With the virtual platform, it allowed the the students to exchange in meaningful critique from architects across the country.

The NOMAS Spotlight was created to allow students a chance to showcase their talents and network with architects and potential employers from across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Celebrating Sara Zachman-Meister

Sara is one semester away from wrapping up her studies at James Madison University. She shared her thesis project.

Celebrating Alonzo Colon

Alonzo is one to watch at Virginia Tech. He just finished up a summer internship at Quinn Evans and has won a recent student design competition that he presented to the group.

Virginia Tech 3rd year student Alonzo Colon presenting his work

Celebrating Jarrett Thomas

Jarrett is studying architecture at Hampton University, where he recently won the Best of School Award for his project "The Onlookers." At our event he shared a variety of work from his studies at HU.

Celebrating Brandon Eley

Brandon is studying architecture at the University of Virginia, with a concentration in Design-Thinking and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. His faith motivates him to work and serve others in a way that highlights the shared value we all have as human beings.


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