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Passing the Torch, BHM Collaboration Series with NCNOMA

In honor of Black History Month, NCNOMA & VANOMA presented a two-part collaboration series on February 14th and 23rd, 2023. These in-depth conversations highlighted two outstanding minority architects from each of our respective NOMA chapters, and showcased the knowledge that they wish to impart onto the next generation of designers and architects.

PART 1 | February 14, 2023

Part 1 features Wendell T. Green, AIA, NOMA – Owner of WTG Design Architects in Chesapeake, Virginia, and is moderated by Daniel Mai of NCNOMA. Throughout this conversation, Wendell reiterates his message of perseverance for himself and for others.

You only fail the licensure exam when you stop. Keep your face in the place. Don't give up. WENDELL T. GREEN, AIA, NOMA

Wendell T. Green has practiced in the architectural profession for well over 45 years, and his firm, WTG Design Architects, has been serving the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1994.

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As an architect, believe it or not, you don't know it all. So, what I do, when a client calls me, is listen to them first. I listen to their dreams. Because, they are the ones who have brooded about a dream that they have. And as an architect, you have to listen to them and interpret what they are trying to accomplish. WENDELL T. GREEN, AIA, NOMA

PART 2 | February 23, 2023

Part 2 features Kimberly M. Mobley, AIA, NOMA – Project Architect for Brownstone Construction Group in Charlotte, NC, and is moderated by Joy Cunningham of VANOMA. Among the many thoughts Kimberly shares, she makes sure to impress upon the audience to maximize their potential.

Cultivate a team with the kind of influence and encouragement that you can be the best you can. Create a situation where you can maximize your potential. KIMBERLY M. MOBLEY, AIA, NOMA

Kimberly M. Mobley has an authentic enthusiasm for "the practice" of architecture. Her passion for learning environments is at the core of her motivation to serve, and she has been afforded opportunities to make a profound impact on education facilities through both form and function, while also maintaining a healthy appreciation for holistic design.

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I have a commitment to the next generation in terms of what my perspective is on the value of education and self-improvement, and understanding the process. So, I look for opportunities to give back and share it. KIMBERLY M. MOBLEY, AIA, NOMA


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