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HU Student Work on Display at Clark Nexsen

On the afternoon of December 10, 2021, VANOMA sponsor, Clark Nexsen, hosted second year students from Hampton University’s ARC201 Studio for a reception and discussion on the students' latest work.

The projects presented were based on William & Mary’s “A Place of Commemoration: Room and Garden” competition for a memorial to honor the slaves who built much of the school's original campus.

I am always amazed at the approach young people take to a problem. They bring an amazing mix of naiveté and brilliance that is fresh and invigorating. Willie Cooper, AIA, NOMA Senior Architect and Principal at Clark Nexsen

Hampton University ARC201 work on display at Clark Nexsen Headquarters

After presenting their work, an inspiring discussion ensued between the HU students and professionals of Clark Nexsen, ranging between poems that the students wrote about the project to the technology used to develop their solutions and presentations. The student work on display was thoughtful and intriguing, and those at Clark Nexsen look forward to future opportunities to build stronger relationships with Virginia architecture students early in their scholastic careers.

HU Alum Darryl Griffin-Miles leads discussion with Hampton University Students and colleagues from Clark Nexsen
As a Hampton Architecture Alumni, I am very impressed with the quality of work these students were able to present; especially considering they spent their first year working remotely because of COVID. Thus, not being able to build that important face to face camaraderie and interactions with professors and students in the upper years of architecture. They have had a unique experience no other past classes can speak to and they have done well in spite of those challenges. Darryl Griffin-Miles | Designer at Clark Nexsen

Laura Bataglia, AIA speaks with her ARC201class at Clark Nexsen

A special thanks goes to Laura Battaglia, AIA for bringing her class from Hampton University to Clark Nexsen's Virginia Beach office to share their work and enthusiasm.


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