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Abstract Architecture

Crystal Miller

Architecture supports an identity to a people, a place, and an era. History is remembered in large part due to its architectures.

Crystal Miller, RA graduated from The University of Virginia in 2001 with a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture, and completed a Master's of Architecture from The New School of Architecture (San Diego, CA) in 2012. After studying at University of Virginia, she practiced Architecture in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years, where she earned her license to become a registered architect.  She later began teaching architecture quite by accident, substituting for a friend and continued to teach for ITT Technical Institute in the department of Architecture and Engineering.  In 2010 she moved back to Richmond, Virginia where she continued to teach until the end of the recession, while continuing some free-lance work as an Architect.  In 2012, she returned to the private sector working for a well known Richmond firm for another eight years. Currently, Crystal is the Department Chair for the Architectural Engineering Department at Brightpoint Community College (formally John Tyler).

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